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The all-time winner in Life's Greatest Game!

Life's Greatest Game©

by Joanna Tompkins (Grandma Jo)

An off-the-wall; fun journey into self discovery.


There are only 2 types of people in this world.  You are either a Darzenian or a Zeroten!

  • Darzenians are Sleepy Souls, at times lovable lunatics, who give up their power.

  • Zerotens make them self out of nothing, rise above it all and stand in their power.


We're all born Sleepy Souls.

It's what makes life interesting!

The 4 Mighty Ones



Join from any

where in the world.

What is Life's Greatest Game?

It's a Book that's now an online course.
A wacky; off-the-wall course, that's played as a Game,
in real time.  A fun way to get a grip!


Life's Greatest Game... a fun online audio course

with live Open Chats!

In these classes you get...

  1. Access for 3 months (90 days).

  2. Listen to prerecorded audio classes, filled will insights into Life's Greatest Game; from it's author: Joanna Tompkins (Grandma Jo).

  3. Listen as many times as you like during your access period and play everyday.

  4. If you have a Darzenian moment, forgive yourself and move forward in the game.


Life's Greatest Game was 7 years in the making and now it's available to you as a course & live Open Chats.

Students get to join us weekly for Life's Greatest Game 'live' Open Chats with Grandma Jo from anywhere in the world; for any age!


Open Chats

Ask questions, get the inside scoop and see how others are playing Life's Greatest Game. Put your feet up; relax!


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