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Grand Wizard of the North.

The all-time winner!

Life's Greatest Game©

by Joanna Tompkins

An off-the-wall; fun journey into self discovery.


There are only 2 types of people in this world.  You are either a Darzenian or a Zeroten!

  • Darzenians are Sleepy Souls, at times lovable lunatics, who give up their power.

  • Zerotens make them self out of nothing, rise above it all and stand in their power.


We're all born Sleepy Souls.

It's what makes life interesting!

The 4 Mighty Ones


Join from anywhere

in the world.

What is Life's Greatest Game?

It's a Book that's now an online course.
A wacky; off-the-wall course, that's played as a Game.
A fun way to discover your Better Self!

What You Get!

Life's Greatest Game...


...Fun online classes with live Open Chats!

In this course you get...

  1. Access for 3 months (90 days).

  2. Listen to 36 prerecorded audio classes, filled will insights into Life's Greatest Game; from it's author: Joanna Tompkins.

  3. Listen as many times as you like during your access period and play everyday.

  4. If you have a Darzenian moment, forgive yourself and move forward in the game.


Life's Greatest Game was 7 years in the making and now it's available to you.

Join us weekly for Life's Greatest Game from anywhere in the world.

Open Chats

Ask questions, get the inside scoop and see how others are playing Life's Greatest Game. Put your feet up; relax!


Enrolled Entrepreneur Students & QBObuddies get FREE access with the coupon that's provided in their subscription.

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