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Legal Disclosure




CastleTrain's little Academy is a digital online Educational Service provider.  We respect the right to privacy; hence, we take the privacy of our website visitors seriously.  Therefore, CastleTrain Group Inc., also referred to as "our Site", Privacy Policy was created so that you may visit and use our Site without being concerned about how your private information is being utilized.  We only collect data required to make our Site work as a user would expect, making interaction with our Site easy.  We do not give-away, sell, rent or pass your information on to any third parties.  Your private information is held in a fiduciary capacity (confidential manner).  By using our Site, you agree that you have read and understand our terms and conditions.


The information provided on our Site does not and is not intended to constitute accounting, legal and/or other Professional advice.  Its intention is to provide users with the basic fundamentals of business and for general information, inspiration and for entertainment purposes.  Our Site and its contents are provided "as is".  As such, enrollment and/or use of CastleTrain Group Inc. products, services and/or online learning courses is for informational purposes only.  We do not render any professional accounting, legal and/or any other Professional advice.  Rules and regulations change from State to State, Province to Province and Year to Year and Government bodies and/or State and Provincial body rules and regulations also change from time to time.  Therefore, you need to consult with a Professional Certified Public Accountant, Corporate Lawyer/Attorney and/or other Professional prior to acting on information offered and/or discussed on our Site and/or in our 'live' webinars that may affect your business, life and/or finances.  By using our Site, you assume all responsibility for the decisions that you make and you assume the risks arising from the decisions that you make.  Moreover, you must ensure that you are not using the information from our Site for illegal and/or unauthorized purposes.



By using our Site, you are agreeing to our Terms of Use.  If for any reason you do not agree to our Terms of Use, you are not permitted to use this Site and should cease using our Site.



Cookies are required to retrieve and/or store information on your browser, such as your password when logging in, and to make this site work as one would expect it to and to enhance our site navigation and/or to assist in our marketing efforts.  Blocking certain cookies could impact the way you experience our products/services and/or our Site.



Out Site is not directed at children under thirteen years old.  Our Site was developed for budding entertainment purposes; using best practices and for users wanting to gain motivational information.  We do not knowingly provide services to children under the age of 13 years old.  Children 14 to 18 may use our Site with the consent of a parent who is actively involved with their child's participation.  When a parent purchases a subscription in CastleTrain's little Academy for a child under 18, we will personally provide a completion certificate in the child's name.  (Note: certificates are issued in the name of the person who paid for the course).  Once completed, please email us and we will do up a certificate in your child's name.  If you believe your child under 18 has provided private information to our Site without your permission, please contact us immediately and we will delete all information regarding said child at your request. 

CASTLETRAIN QBObuddies System for Bookkeepers ACADEMY


The purpose of our QBObuddies system for Bookkeepers Academy is to provide the basic fundamentals of business; general information to our budding Bookkeepers.  CastleTrain's QBObuddies for Bookkeepers Academy provides information for anyone wanting to Build a Bookkeeping Business within the United States and/or Canada.  If you do not plan to operate a business within United States and/or Canada, do not subscribe to CastleTrain's QBObuddies for Bookkeepers Academy.

CastleTrain's QBObuddies for Bookkeepers Academy is a 6 month subscription (180 days) and offers 4 prerecorded Course Modules, also referred to as 4 Courses and/or 4 Modules.  Within each module are 10 classes.  Together the 4 Course Modules equal a total of 40 classes.  Along with weekly 'live' webinars via




When you create an account or register for our Products and/or Services on our Site, we collect the information that you provide us, in order to create an account for you, in which you may use to register.  This information is only used to administer your registration and/or correspondence with us.  An example of account data (cookies) is your password and email address and/or the usage data on our website.



Links and/or references to services and/or products owned by third parties are provided for your convenience only and do not represent our endorsement of such services and/or products; nor does it represent their endorsement of our services and/or products.




This website is owned and operated by CastleTrain Group Inc. and all content is protected by Trademark, Copyright and other laws of United States and Canada.  As such, its content is provided by us and its pictures are provided by paid 3rd party licensing rights that we have purchased.  Example: pictures on our site are licensed from and/or Joanna Tompkins.  References to other third parties on our Site are for identification purposes only and do not indicate that such parties have approved this website or its content.  Thus, these Terms of Use do not, in any way, grant you the right to use the Intellectual Property of our content or the use of any third party's content, logos and such.


The following are © (copyright) and/or TM (trademarks) of CastleTrain Group Inc. and/or Joanna Tompkins: CastleTrain, QBObuddies, Life's Greatest Game, Corporate Game of Chess, Alice in Numberland, Bubble Gum Buddies, SWOTever, The Four Mighty Ones, ShoeBox Smarties, The Majestic Octopus; all rights reserved.



Subscriptions to our Site do not automatically renew.  QBObuddies for Bookkeepers is a 6 month (180 day) subscription.  Members who want to continue accessing our QBObuddies for Bookkeepers classes and/or webinars, must pay for a new subscription, once their current one runs out.


SOFTWARE: QuickBooks Online


CastleTrain's QBObuddies for Bookkeepers system is based on the Bookkeeper using their own QuickBooks Online accounting software.


CastleTrain does NOT provide the QuickBooks Online accounting software. 


Bookkeepers must register with Intuit in order to have their own access to QuickBooks Online accounting software.  And, if you are not planning to use QuickBooks Online in your Bookkeeping Practice, you will not receive the full benefits that CastleTrain has to offers and therefore, you should not subscribe to our QBObuddies for Bookkeepers.

QBObuddies System BACK END - sample - OFFICE DOCUMENTS


CastleTrain's Back End Office Documents are provided free and as samples only and for informational purposes only.

Access to CastleTrain's free Back End Office sample documents, is located in your 1st module of your online course.

CastleTrain provides these Back End Office Documents as 'samples' only and for informational purposes.  Please read them before using these Documents in your Bookkeeping Practice.  Rules change from state to state and from province to province.  We advise you to seek professional help, from a Lawyer/Attorney, CPA accountant or other professional prior to using any of these sample documents. Users take responsibility and not CastleTrain for the editing, modification and use of these sample documents provided by CastleTrain Group Inc.



Services and/or products are paid in full when services and/or products are purchased.  We do not store any credit card information.  All payments (credit card information) are handled by our third party platform:



By using our Site and/or by providing CastleTrain Group Inc. with personal information, you are expressly and unconditionally releasing and holding us harmless from any and from all liability for any damage, injuries and/or loss of any kind arising from or in connection with the usage and/or misuse of our Site and any and all information provided by our Site.  And, in addition, we use Best Practices in connection with our third party platforms, connected with our Site, to ensure the proper use of data by these third party providers that may receive your information from us, we are not responsible for any damage, loss and/or injuries of any kind arising from or in connection with the use and/or misuse of your information caused by these third party providers.  Be aware that our Site and its contents are provided "as is".


All services and/or products provided by our Site are for educational, informational and entertainment purposes.  Nothing contained on our Site and/or in our courses is a promise or guarantee of results and/or future earnings.  Nor do we offer accounting, legal and/or therapeutic advice.  If you are having emotional issues, please consult with a licensed Therapist.  When it comes to: starting, managing and/or growing a business, rules and regulations change from year to year and from province to province and/or state to state, therefore you need to hire a professional prior to acting on a decision you may make, that may impact your current and/or future decision(s) as the success of and or failure of your business remains with you.


You, as the user of our Site, are responsible for ensuring that your password is secure.  CastleTrain Group Inc. is not and will not be liable for any damage and/or loss from your failure to maintain the security of your password.


Pricing is 'as is' and may change at any time, without notice, at the discretion of CastleTrain Group Inc.


A completion Certificate is issued upon 80% completion of either CastleTrain's QBObuddies for Bookkeepers Academy and/or upon 80% completion of Life's Greatest Game.  Once a completion certificate is issued, no refund is available.


Life's Greatest Game is a creative work of fiction; designed to entertain, provide fun and aid in helping you to discover your better self.  Unless otherwise noted, all names of characters, characters them self, events and places in Life's Greatest Game are a product of the creator's imagination; discovered in the Playground of her mind.  Any resemblance to actual persons dead or alive, as well as actual events, is purely coincidental.

The purpose of Life's Greatest Game is to add value and to inspire the user; for entertainment purposes only.  The course is through paid access but, the weekly open chats are available free; to anyone.



  • QBObuddies for Bookkeepers Academy: 100% refund up to 3 months from date of purchase.  This is a 6 month (180 day) subscription and must be renewed each 6 month period in order to have access to CastleTrain's QBObuddies.  Once a completion Certificate is issued there are no refunds.

  • Life's Greatest Game: 100% refund up to 1 month from date of purchase. Once a completion Certificate is issued there are no refunds.


We have created products and/or services for you that our parents would be proud of.  Therefore, we are happy to guarantee 100% money back guarantee as listed above.  Please note: where a Completion Certificate is issued, refunds will not be available.




CastleTrain Group Inc. and you, the user, agree that this agreement will be treated as being executed and performed in Calgary, Canada and thus, will be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Calgary, Alberta, Canada.  Any cause of action by you, the user, with respect to our Site and/or products and services, must be commenced in a court located within the city of Calgary, Alberta; Canada, within one year subsequent to the cause of action arising or be forever waived and barred.




CastleTrain Group Inc.

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