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  • Universal Truth # 01
    Life flows across this great board of existence and throughout the battlefield of everyday living, revealing Universal opposites such as: success and failure, love and hate, good and bad. These opposing twosomes are entrenched in life. So, you need to get a grip.
  • Universal Truth # 02
    Here, in the midst of your life, you will experience: birth, death and resurrection - the great comeback in life!
  • Universal Truth # 03
    As a participant in life, you might want to be successful, but if you don't need it bad enough, you will never achieve it. On the other hand, if you need it more than you love it, it will consume you.
  • Universal Truth # 04
    As a participant in life, you get to create the principles that will govern your world and you also have the power to determine what part of this world you will experience. Armed with this insight, your dreams can come true.
  • Universal Truth # 05
    Life is a test of inner strength, where the power of choice is first awakened, then developed and strengthened.
  • Universal Truth # 06
    While living your life, never compare yourself to another. You hold your own time and space in this world, which makes you unique in every way!
  • Universal Truth # 07
    Everyone in life has a story. Some tragic; some not. However, you are the Author of that story, thus you have the power to make the next chapter brilliant.
  • Universal Truth # 08
    You get to live your life on your own terms. If you try to cheat, you lose in every way. To lose with honour can lead to a powerful comeback.
  • Universal Truth # 09
    Mindset goes to the outcome of life. In other words, it's what you carve out of it.
  • Universal Truth # 10
    "If you're not King someone else rules." Grandma Jo.
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