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What You Get!


for Bookkeepers


QBObuddies System


Your business.  Your way with a little help.

If you're an experienced Bookkeeper and want to step out on your own, Buddy up with our QBObuddies System. 


When you do:

  1. You'll get 6 months (180 day) subscription access.

  2. Learn the fundamentals of being an Entrepreneur who owns a Professional Bookkeeping Business.

  3. And, learn how to: Start, Manage & Grow a Bookkeeping Business.

  4. Access to: 20+ hours = 40 prerecorded Classes (15+ hrs) and 5+ hrs Homework. Entrepreneur Mindset.

  5. Access to: 72+ hours = live, real-time, Open Chat, group Class webinars.  Professional Bookkeeper Mindset.

  6. Access to several, amazing, Back-end Office sample Documents; tweak them, make them your own.

  7. Join our QBObuddies' Community.

  8. Learn how to generate different Revenue Streams.

  9. Free access to the Accounting for Big Kids eBook manual in pdf to download.

  10. Free access to Life's Greatest Game (36 prerecorded classes).  Plus, weekly Open Chats.

  11. On-going support during your subscription via live Open Chat, group, Classes & emails.

  12. View your progress in real-time and receive a completion Certificate.

Once your 6 months (180 days) subscription is up, subscribe again to have continued access.

CastleTrain is an online Academy.  Access from anywhere; anytime!


To receive your QBObuddies CERTIFICATE you need to achieve 80% of viewed lessons

and/or completed lessons.  There are no exams; it's the honour system.

61 End_edited.jpg

Bookkeepers must have their own subscription to QuickBooks.

CastleTrain does NOT sell or license software.

If you are not planning to start a Professional Bookkeeping Business in USA and/or Canada please do not subscribe.

CastleTrain offers 3 months money-back Guarantee from date of purchase.

Once a Certificate is issued, no refund is available.  That's fair.

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