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for Bookkeepers


If you're an experienced Bookkeeper & dream of making a 6-figure income.

  • If you want to own your Business?

  • Save 1,000s.

  • Generate 1,000s in Revenues.

  • Keep 100% control.

  • And, have lots of support...

Time to buddy up with CastleTrain's
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Bookkeeping Facts:

  • Bookkeeping companies are popping up all across United States and Canada.

  • The North American Bookkeeping Industry boasted billions in sales, according to Industry Stats.

  • So, Bookkeeping isn't just Bookkeeping anymore.  It's a great career choice.

  • But, if you want to achieve success, it's not enough to just be a Bookkeeper.

  • You 1st need to understand the fundamentals of being an Entrepreneur.

  • Then, you need to come to the table as a Professional Bookkeeper & play to win!

Franchise vs. QBObuddies


FYI... if you purchase a Bookkeeping Franchise...


  • Estimates: Initial Franchise Investment = 20,000 to 150,000.

  • Estimates: Initial Franchise Fee = 5,000 to 30,000.

  • Estimates: Ongoing Franchise Royalties = 7% to 30%.

  • Franchisor owns the Business Model.

  • Franchisor has control.

  • Franchisor makes the rules.

  • Franchisor dictates Contract renewal.

  • Franchisor restricts your location.

  • Your reputation is based on other Franchisees.

  • Franchisor offers ongoing support while you are a Franchisee.

  • But, you give up your individual power!

60 End.jpg

FYI... if you purchase our Franchise Alternative...


  • Initial Franchise Investment = 00.00

  • Initial Franchise Fee = 00.00

  • Ongoing Franchise Royalties = 00.00

  • You own your Business Model.

  • You have control.

  • You make the rules.

  • No contract!  Pay as you go; 6 month subscription.

  • Work from anywhere; anytime!

  • Your reputation is based on you.

  • CastleTrain offers ongoing support while your subscription is active.

  • FYI... CastleTrain is not a Franchise, so you keep your power!


Buddy up with CastleTrain and it's...

Your Bookkeeping Business. Your way!

With lots of support.

And, lots of business training.


Thousands of new Business Owners fail,

because they do not learn the fundamentals.

CastleTrain teaches you the fundamentals.

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