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Leave your Accounting & Corporate Tax with us.

The rest is child's play!

About Joanna

Joanna is a:


  • Former Forensic Accountant.

  • Prior Accountant Engagement Lead of Canada for QuickBooks; Intuit.

  • A graduate from the University of Lethbridge.

  • And, she is the proud owner of CastleTrain.

  • Serving Calgary & area since 2007.

BTW... Joanna's clients call her their Corporate Mom!

For a FREE 1/2 hr Virtual consult call Joanna:

403 837-7758

What Clients Think

Joanna's been a business consultant to my company since I started.  My company's now nationwide and Joanna has coached me through tough decisions, growth planning and she's helped me recognize many opportunities.  Most of all, she has helped me keep more money in my pocket.  'Your best friend is your pocket book', she always says and she is right about that.  Plus, she's great to work with. Vince K.

I discovered that Joanna was able to help us with our new company that's been undeniably the best first steps we could have made.  We've come to rely on her wealth of knowledge, her friendly; professional manner and straight forward approach. Larry B.

Joanna's key strength is her broad knowledge in all facets of business.  From marketing and promotion to finance and operations.  Joanna is an energetic visionary, firmly grounded in the reality of corporate finance; providing strong leadership skills. Ron P.


For a FREE 1/2 hr Virtual consult call Joanna:

403 837-7758

Joanna's knowledge, insight and strategic planning have been critical in the success of my business and our family group of companies.  Her accomplishments and dedication to her clients is surpassed only by her competence and professionalism.  She has mentored both me and other staff wisely.  So, there is no other person that I would trust with our valuable information.  She's our most cherished consultant.  KC.

Joanna has and continues to be instrumental in the financial strategies I utilize.  I consider Joanna intelligent, creative and extremely knowledgeable in her pursuits.  Her tenacity and drive have garnered her industry respect and accolades. Timothy A.

Joanna's direct and honest manner and helpful advice, inspired me.  Joanna has proven to me, time and again, that she holds my best interest at heart.  I have complete trust in our relationship.  She doesn't mince words or candy coat realities; she simple tells it like it is.  Suzan N.

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